Monday, October 11, 2010

Dramatic Discourse for week of Oct. 4: Brief Thoughts

Man, removing the comedies and reality TV shows makes my look at this week's dramas seem positively anemic, huh?  Granted, there were several shows that I didn't get a chance to watch (The Good Guys, Caprica, Stargate Universe, etc.) so it might be a bit more robust next week.


Chuck (NBC, 7:00):  I'm just not feeling this season of Chuck, largely due to the fact that after a season finale and season premiere that promised changes everywhere, we're practically back to the status quo again.  I was afraid that this episode would end with Morgan giving the manager position back to Big Mike, and while that didn't happen, I'm not sure that his having to rely on Big Mike to manage the chaos was much better.  Yeah, Morgan should always be a little bumbling and odd, but let the guy retain at least a little of the character growth being a spy sidekick gave him.

The Event (NBC, 8:00):  Here's hoping that the quality of this episode is an example of this show finding its footing, and not just an aberration.  The reduction of flashbacks was a boon, as was getting to see more of the "aliens" interactions, but it was that final scene in the hanger filled with reviving bodies that made me say "Okay, The Event, you win -- I'm in for the long haul now."

Castle (ABC, 9:00):  A predictable -- but still highly enjoyable -- episode.


Parenthood (NBC, 9:00):  The first quarter of this episode had me on the verge of swearing the show off, but luckily it self-corrected before the end.  Still, the fact that the show could come so close to chasing me off really isn't a good sign.

Sons of Anarchy (FX, 9:00):  Still not enjoying the season all that much, but at least things are starting to move forward now.


Terriers (FX,  9:00):  Once again, this show excels at keeping the viewer on their toes.  I'm hoping that they keep Hank's sister around for a while


Fringe (Fox, 8:00): Watching this episode I had to wonder if, when they killed off Charlie last season, they told the actor "don't worry, we have plans to bring you back as your mirror universe twin"?  And if so, did they have to assure him that he wouldn't have to grow an Evil Spock goatee?  Anyway, I thought this was an excellent episode, thanks largely to a great Villain of the Week -- I would love to see this "Mad Thinker by way of Flowers for Algernon" return.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC, 8:00):  Thank the heavens they're finally making April a more likable character -- I've hated seeing the wonderful Sarah Drew wasted on such a grating role.  A pretty good episode overall, although I think they've been hitting the "patients' stories closely parallel the doctors' lives" thing far too often recently.  Once in a while is fine, but having every episode contain a moment where a patient say something that causes a doctor a moment of epiphany is a bit much.


Rubicon (AMC, 8:00):  Hey, look, one episode away from the finale and the title finally gets referenced! And how creepy was Spangler there at the end?  Still no word on whether AMC will be picking this up for another season or not, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Mad Men (AMC, 9:00):  I have to admit, I had totally forgotten that Midge existed; kind of sad to see that Betty isn't the most messed up woman in Don's life. And is it just me, or does every Sally/Glen scene make you fear that the creepy kid is going to go all serial killer soon?  As for the main Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce storyline, as much as I was hoping that Don's letter would have meant an instant turnaround for the company, a part of me appreciates that they didn't go for the easy out, even if it did mean the firing of Danny Strong's character.  The best thing about this season for me is that even though the world is crashing down around him in so many ways, Don is starting to open himself up a bit more -- granted, he's still a womanizing heel, but his moments with Pete and Peggy give you a glimmer of hope that he's on the road to becoming a better person.  I'm a bit sad that next week is the season finale.

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