Friday, October 22, 2010

Reality TV Roundup for week of Oct. 18: BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!


Survivor (CBS, 7:00):  Oh, Fabio -- poor, blonde, dimbulb, "Wow, you're really a master class chess player?" Fabio.  I'm surprised that they chose to vote out Kelly B over Marty during the tie-breaker -- I would have accepted it if they'd actually succeeded in flushing out the idol first, but losing their sure-shot to take it out of play seems short-sighted.  On another note, Jeff seemed to get a little too much enjoyment out of rubbing the losing team's face in having to sit there and listen to the winners have their feast

Ultimate Fighter: GSP vs Koscheck (Spike, 9:00): Wow.  That first fight . . . wow. All I can say is:  BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!   Couldn't have scripted it better myself, and to have the second fight also end by guillotine was priceless.  And now, let's test out my Koscheck impression: "Yeah, he was our #1 pick and that was totally our call 'cause we thought he was the greatest in all the land, and not at all because GSP psyched my stupid butt out . . . also, when I talk trash it's because I'm so super awesome, but when anyone talks trash to me, it's because they're gay and in love with me . . ."  Meanwhile, for anyone on Koscheck's team to say that anyone on GSP's team was disrespectful or is guilty of pushing people's buttons is the height of self-delusion. 

Top Chef: Just Desserts (Bravo, 9:00): Okay, the "you can only use one pot, but clean it as many times as you want because Dawn kicks butt" challenge has to be one of the best product placement challenges ever -- conceptually, at least. In practice, not quite as dramatic.  What is dramatic, however, is every facial expression Danielle has ever made.


Project Runway (Lifetime, 8:00): And the ambiguity of Micahel C. is finally answered, and was anyone really surprised?  Meanwhile, we are treated to the sight of Tim freaking out at Andy's family fish farm, and confused by the strange and unfamiliar sensation of feeling sympathy for Gretchen and her disastrous life.  As for the judging at the end, I can't say that I thought Michael C. deserved to make it to the final three based on what he showed, but my heart bled for him as he had the most painful post-Auf breakdown in the history of the show. 

The Apprentice (NBC, 9:00): Oh, how I wished The Donald had listened to Clint's impassioned plea to get rid of David, whose antics continue to annoy; him sticking to his whole "I just like to push people's buttons" spiel in the middle of the game just boggles the mind. I'm also sorry that Stephanie and Mahsa are still sticking around; their mouthy, egotistical attitudes wear on my nerves.  At this point, I'm pulling for Clint to take it all.

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