Monday, October 25, 2010

Sci-Fi Synopses for week of Oct. 18: Venting

I've been meaning to write up all the SF/Fantasy shows for a few weeks, but kept running out of time.  But, my need to vent has prompted me to go ahead this week. Hoping that this weekend's premiere of The Walking Dead will lead to me having some more positive comments next time . . .


The Event (NBC, 8:00):  I'm glad that they're moving plot points forward-- it's nice that they're not dragging the "Sean searches for his missing girlfriend" story out forever -- but I still feel like it's skimping on the character development.


No Ordinary Family (ABC, 7:00):  Man, haven't talked about this since the pilot, have I?  Despite my intial misgivings, the second episode of the show actually gave me hope that the writers had just ramped up the drama for the pilot and things would be at a more agreeable level from there on out.  Unfortunately, the good will engendered by the second episode was completely squandered by the end of the third, so that by the time last week's episode was over, the show was operating in a deficit again.  Not sure which I'm hating more:  the dysfunctional husband/wife dynamic, the "JJ gets ticked off people are accusing him of lying, even though he totally is" junk, or the overly aggressive anti-JJ teacher who is played waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the top.  About the only thing I'm really enjoying about the show at this point is the always entertaining Autumn Reeser.

Stargate Universe  (SyFy, 8:00):  I'm having a little trouble getting into the second season of the latest installment in the Stargate franschise, which is too bad, because I liked the first season a lot. I am curious to see how far Rush will go down the rabbit hole and how long it takes for his secrets to blow up in his face, especially now that he's effectively unleashed an alien-infested Chloe to wreak havoc unsupervised.  Am not as big a fan, however, of the Lucien Alliance subplot, and I wish that someone would bump of Greer because his constant aggression has annoyed me from episode 1.

Caprica (SyFy, 9:00):  While my feelings towards the return of SGU are mostly indifference, my reaction to the return of this Battlestar Galactica prequel has been indifferent bordering on dislike.  You all know I love me some dark & twisty drama, but this show has become downright bleak.  There's no moments of lightness or joy to break up the pervasive air of doom that has settled on all involved, and it bums me out; I really have no desire to spend an hour each week watching a parade of totally broken people wallow in their misery.  Okay, that's exagerating a bit:  Clarice is too much of a sociopath to wallow in anything, and Joseph apparently used his wallowing quota last season and is now relegated to borderline cipher status.  The only thing that has kept me from writing the show off is the progression of Zoe and Tamara's story; here's hoping that the fact that the two of them have come together again will lead to some big things.


Smallville (CW, 7:00):  I swear, if Clark had chickened out of telling Lois his secret yet again like they were leading us to think, I would have sworn this show off for good.  Luckily, this didn't happen, so I'll continue to watch . . . wait, maybe "luckily" wasn't the right word to use there . . .  On a related note, the Smallville version of Cat Grant is one of the most annoying characters around, but the fact that she was responsible for the always somber Tess to burst out laughing makes her almost worthwhile.  Almost.

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