Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reality TV Roundup for week of Oct. 11: The Mega-Loathing Deepens


Survivor (CBS, 7:00):  I enjoyed watching the culture clash resulting from the tribes mixing, and was glad to see the over-bearing Tyrone get sent packing over the overly-emotional NaOnka, if for no other reason than his brand of annoying behavior is nowhere near as entertaining as hers.

Ultimate Fighter: GSP vs. Koscheck (Spike, 9:00): Well, as much as I didn't want any of Koscheck's team to win, I have to say that if any of his guys had to win I'm glad it was Nam Phan. Starting to wish Bruce Leroy was on Koscheck's team, just so I could feel good cheering against him; his selfish attitude gets on my nerves. And speaking of getting on my nerves . . . apparently those first few episodes of non-irritating Koscheck was just him trying to lull me into a false sense of security, as he is now full-tilt obnoxious; I was very much hoping that the crazy drunk kickboxer would take exception to Koscheck's disrepect and give him a quick boot to the head. And don't even get me started on how he was acting after Nam Phan won -- that was probably the most egregious example of bad sportsmanship I have ever had the displeasure to witness*. I have to wonder if that bit of trash talking between Koscheck and Cody will come back later in the season; had to love obvious stoner Cody saying Koscheck struck him as an idiot.

Top Chef: Just Desserts (Bravo, 9:00): So, apparently half of the remaining chefs have a shoe fetish?  Odd.  Anyway, as soon as they announced the winner would be taking home 20 grand, I began to fervently hope that none of Team Diva would win -- if my Koscheck comments haven't made it clear, I usually have a low tolerance for cockiness.  Not that Morganza is much better, but it was nice to see the clique taken down a peg or two. 


Project Runway (Lifetime, 8:00): These "find inspiration from [insert location here]" challenges usually aren't all that exciting -- unless, y'know, the location is something out of the ordinary like the circus challenge from last season.  Sadly, this time around we just had another New York inspired challenge.  I had hoped that the teases about everyone's exhaustion might add some twists, but they turned out to be more tease than reality.  On the plus side, Michael C. revealed that he does an amazing Michael Kors impression, which rivaled Santino's Tim impression for scary accuracy, although it fell far short of Santino's comedic touch.  I let out a sigh of relief when the judges liked Mondo's look -- he's really the only contestant I definitely want to make it to the final.  I was also impressed at how well Gretchen took criticism -- guess that exhaustion came into play after all -- but man, to have only one person say they thought she deserved to go to Fashion Week had to have a been a huge blow to her huge ego. 

The Apprentice (NBC, 9:00): Trainwreck, thy name is Octane; Gene's pitiful performance was so, so, sooooooooooooooo painful to watch. And did anyone else wonder if the producers slipped Wade the "unless the women sent out naked men" line?  Because it felt a little too perfect to just be serendipity.  I did feel a little bad for Wade during the boardroom, as The Donald hammered him relentlessly over his blind trust in Gene -- although I think The Donald was overstating the importance of having Gene "try out" for the speaking role, the fact remains that Gene's inability to have any copy at all ready for the rehearsal should have sent up red flags galore to anyone with any sense at all.  And speaking of having no sense:  when you're being beat up by everyone around you, don't feed The Donald a straight line like "You can fire me if you want to Mr. Trump," -- and if you do feed him the line, for heavens sake don't pause for several seconds before saying "but," because in those seconds, you're a goner. 

*After the episode I told my Best Friend/Arch-Nemesis PigPen that Koscheck had now replaced him at the top of my "people I want to punch in the face" list.  PigPen protested profusely, insisting that nobody can irritate me as well as he can, and then set out to prove his point the rest of the week.  Gotta admire his commitment . . .

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